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Mike Lascut, Principal

Mike Lascut - Single Entry Point® Marketing
Mike Lascut is Principal and founder of Sotinet Inc. carrying on business as Single Entry Point® Marketing and leads the strategy and execution for all search, email and analytics projects.

Mike's professional career spans over twenty years, including twelve years of intelligent search and email marketing and over a decade and half of software architecture and development.

Mike entered the world of search marketing in early 1996 authoring a suite of SEO automation applications and pitching search engine optimization to Canadian companies not ready yet to understand the value of search engines.

At the same time, Mike's research in measuring cross-channel marketing performance crystallized into the Single Entry Point Email Marketing - the technology behind our email marketing service and the Single Entry Point Technologies - a powerful set of applications sustaining advertising through multiple media channels.

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Throughout his professional career, Mike continued to architect, design and develop a variety of enterprise-level, CMS-driven websites and e-commerce platforms for market leaders in Canada, US and Europe. Read below about Mike's work in Microsoft's Commerce Server Product Unit.

Employing a unique blend of expertise, Mike takes a logic and analytical approach to any business requirement. Well versed in differences between B2C and B2B audiences, Mike applies his knowledge of digital marketing, software architecture, information architecture, usability and web analytics in all the projects he undertakes.

Powering the Digital Marketing Growth

Mike in the Microsoft data center load testing a suite of e-commerce applications
In 2001, Mike at the Microsoft lab in Seattle, testing a suite of e-commerce applications.

As VP, Chief Application Architect at Rebellium, Mike was responsible for a range of activities, from technical strategy and solutions architecture to managing search and email marketing campaigns, in industries such as consumer electronics, telecommunications, media, retail, office supplies, health, legal, and finance. Companies he has helped strengthen during his 6 years tenure at Rebellium are: Grand & Toy, Canon Canada, Telus Mobility, Kaboose, Fidelity Investments, Bell Canada, Fraser Yachts Worldwide, Odyssey Time - Seiko Watch, AstraZeneca, Geosoft, Kaboose, and Koskie Minsky, among others.

Digital marketing highlights in Mike's career at Rebellium included managing B2C and B2B email marketing campaigns for the largest TELCO companies in Canada; organic search engine optimization and pay-per-click search marketing for Grand & Toy, Canada's largest commercial office products company; SEO and PPC search marketing for Fraser Yachts Worldwide - the largest yacht services provider in the world, specializing in luxury yachting and mega-yachts.

At Rebellium, Mike contributed his technical expertise to content management projects for Canon Canada, designed information architecture for Grand & Toy, Bell Canada, Kaboose and Geosoft, and architected a variety of database-driven applications for Telus Mobility, Odyssey Time - Seiko Watch, and AstraZeneca, to mention just a few.

Mike continues to consult Rebellium in the areas of search marketing, email marketing and information architecture.

Driving the e-Commerce Breakthrough

Rewind to 2001 and you find Mike holding the position of Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Solutions in Microforum's Internet Solutions Group, completely immersed in e-commerce. At Microforum, Mike led the e-commerce team responsible for the development and implementation of Microforum's flagship e-commerce product - iFrontECS, an enterprise-level e-commerce solution, easy adaptable to any online store or business-to-business needs, including online ordering support through mobile devices - a ground-breaking innovation in Canada at the time. "Outstanding scalability" was Microsoft's conclusion about iFrontECS, after extensive testing in their labs in Redmond, Washington. During his tenure at Microforum, Mike's role grew with the company, from Solution Architect to Manager, e-Commerce Product Development to Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Solutions.

About Microforum: The company has been recognized in the CB Tec100 as one of Canada's largest and best-performing public technology companies; Microforum was also one of the 50 companies in the world included on Microsoft's Commerce Partner Advisory Board in Redmond, Washington; Microforum was credited as the fastest growing technology company by Arthur Andresen LLP, as featured in June 2000 issue of Canadian Business Magazine.

Mike with a colleague in the Microsoft Commerce Server Product Unit
In 2000, Mike with a colleague in the Microsoft Commerce Server Product Unit.

Microforum's close relationship with Microsoft created the opportunity for Mike to work in Microsoft's Commerce Server Product Unit in Redmond. A 1999 invitation from Microsoft found Mike packed and ready to experience life at the largest computer software maker in the world. In Microsoft, Mike was responsible for the development of the B2C components for the next generation of Microsoft Commerce Server.

In addition to his work in Microsoft, Mike led Microforum's largest e-commerce implementations: Chapters.ca (now Indigo.ca) and its variants, Sony's Mainlymusic.com, Dada s.p.a. Brembo in Italy and worked as technical architect, search engine consultant or senior developer on a multitude of other high-profile clients and projects such as Dumex, J.J. Barnicke, Ford Motor Company, Ford of Canada, shop.businessdepot.com, Petopia (now Petco.com), NBC's vvtv.com, WasteClick, Westsylvania, GoFood, MedicalAlert, Unicrypt, FordApparel.com, StorageTek, and GamesMania.com, among others. Mike also led the R&D efforts in the wireless space, successfully implementing large-scale e-commerce on mobile devices.

Last but not least, Mike provided the necessary technical assessment to Microforum senior management during its Mergers & Acquisitions program. Mike evaluated feature sets and code quality for the Seattle, Halifax, Toronto and New York acquisitions in wireless, content management, peer-to-peer, and e-commerce.

Mike in building 25, hosting the Microsoft Site Server Product Unit
In 1999, Mike working on the next generation Microsoft Site Server, in Redmond, Washington.

Leading the Single Entry Point Revolution

Fast forward to May 23, 2019 and you find Mike focused on the search, email and analytics practice and leading the development of the Single Entry Point Email Marketing next generation product.

Launched first in early 1999, many innovations, thorough testing, and a great deal of passion are making today's generation a powerful alternative in the marketplace.

Mike is also the author of the sep.ME - Short URL Management for Business service. Recently launched to the public, sep.ME provides not only the means to shorten long URLs into unique, personalized links for easy sharing - but also the tracking tools that help you better understand your marketing efforts.
It's 100% FREE - try it at: http://sep.me or about it on this page.

Under his Single Entry Point label, Mike envisions highly measurable online marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes, funneling multiple streams of data through a single entry point. It permits us to capture, gauge and analyze in-depth campaign performance and determine marketing profitability. This marketing tactic is vital in today's competitive market, especially when integrated, multi-channel advertising is becoming a reality and, more importantly, a necessity.

His friends call him a techie that speaks marketing and sees life in stills photographs.

Next to his interest in marketing and technology, Mike is also involved in a variety of other exciting projects including Nature Research Photography and Videography Opens in new window. Mike's nature photographs have been licensed by a variety of nature organizations, universities and schools in both Canada and United States and have been published in magazines, calendars and online.
Learn more about his nature involvement at www.MikePhoto.com Opens in new window.