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Unleash the Power of Branded Email Marketing

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In today’s busy online world it seems nearly impossible to be "out of touch." No matter where you look people are instant messaging, tweeting, texting, calling, and emailing. To maintain a competitive edge, businesses need to keep up with the latest trends and technologies - and they need an affordable solution to maximize their email marketing revenues. The future is branded email marketing - so let’s take a quick look at the benefits:

  • A professional look that’s second to none
  • Immediate brand recognition
  • Increased deliverability rates
  • Higher conversion rates (increasing your bottom line)
  • Worry-free consistency when changing email marketing providers
"In a recent survey, 32% of respondents said they’d stopped doing business with at least one company due to bad email marketing practices." ~~ Merkle Inc.

It can be difficult to find email marketing campaigns that have full branding capabilities. That’s because branded email marketing is more technically demanding and requires specific configurations. You’ve likely seen ads like this: "Send 1000 emails for $19.95." These offers are a dime a dozen. So how will your business stand out in the sea of email marketing campaigns?

Branded Vs. Non-Branded Email Marketing

In an analysis of branded versus non-branded email marketing campaigns, branded campaign click-through (CT) was compared to non-branded historical CT over a six-month period, for both B2C and B2B audiences. The result: a 27% increase in the B2C segment, while the B2B segment showed 14% increase.

Comparison chart between branded and non-branded email marketing
Comparison chart showing branded email marketing effectivenes for B2C and B2B target audience

What are the benefits of branded email marketing strategies?

  • Broadcasts using your own domain name, including FROM and REPLY addresses, tracked URLs, unsubscribe interfaces, and tracked forwards
  • Full branding capabilities for agencies looking to offer email marketing services
  • Real time monitoring, tracking and analysis of recipients' interaction with your branded email

In these competitive market conditions, businesses, regardless of their size, cannot afford to send non-branded email communications. Branded email marketing allows your business to stand out from the crowd and maximize your email marketing revenues.

Non-branded email marketing header
Non-branded email marketing FROM header
Branded email marketing header
Branded email marketing FROM header

User-Friendly Email Marketing Tracking Solutions

When implemented, the analytics from a non-branded set-up are available for the branded set-ups, too! That’s because branded email marketing doesn’t "fake" your corporate identity (a bad practice that usually triggers SPAM filters). Branded email marketing best practices will give you the vital information your business depends on:

  • Comprehensive reporting to understand your recipients, list engagement and quality
  • Track when emails are opened and when links are clicked
  • Track geographic segmentation and unsubscribe requests and bounces
Geo Segmentation report for email marketing
Geo Segmentation report showing the email marketing performance for North America regions
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Qualities to look for in an email marketing provider:

  • Branded email marketing capabilities and enterprise-grade email marketing functions are available to companies of ALL sizes
  • Services should be provided in a fully managed model to ensure timely access to expert consulting, including email marketing best practices, information architecture and conversion optimization
  • Dedicated databases for individual clients to ensure that your business receives secure hosting and management
  • First-rate performance infrastructure to easily support large email lists
  • User-friendly environment with flexible architecture, giving you the power to make advanced customizations and back-end integrations that suit your needs

Don’t settle for less - Unlock your Single Entry Point advantage today! Contact us now to learn more about the benefits of branded email marketing.

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