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Customized Content Management System

Customized Content Management System from Single Entry Point Marketing

Start with a proven platform, end with a custom website. Deploy sep.CMS and benefit from our powerful yet flexible content management system, customized to meet your requirements - which means less wait, less cost, and a faster path to results.

We provide you with powerful controls that you can use immediately to add pages, control content elements, optimize for search engines, and manage acquisition forms (no more lost leads!).

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Customized. Cost-Effective. Fast Time-to-Market.

Have your website built to spec while avoiding high costs and long deadlines. Benefit from our content management platform which provides 70% (or even more) of the functionality required to take control of your website.

Customized Content Management System - 70% - 30% Development Approach

It's content management functionality that you can use immediately.
  • Add and edit new template-driven pages
  • Granular control over content elements on page
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • User management
  • Manage lead-acquisition forms, export their data with a click of a button to industry-standard formats
  • Control over template-based auto-responders

Better Than Open Source!

For a limited time, a sep.CMS implementation comes with a free CMS license, which means you don't have to pay for our software - only the customization. While we don't provide access to our source code, we support our code. We guarantee your sep.CMS implementation free of any coding bugs for a period of one-year, from the moment the site goes live.

Search Engine Friendly CMS

Out-of-the-box, we provide you with powerful controls to make your website search engine friendly. The following functions are available within the administration:

SEO-Friendly URLs

  • Easy management of your page titles and meta description
  • Keyword-rich aliases for each URL
  • Unlimited menu levels for a nicely organized site structure
  • A custom URL rewriter that translates dynamic URLs into user-friendly, search engine-friendly URLs


Developed with the latest .Net framework and Microsoft SQL Server, a customized website deployment powered by sep.CMS provides best-in-class scalability and flexibility.

Integrated Solutions

Are you looking for an integrated solution, where your search, web, email, CRM, and analytics efforts work together in a more harmonious, cost-effective way?

Integrated Marketing & Technology Solutions

Look no further! Our recommended approach to digital marketing for the past decade has been:

  • Use search engine marketing to acquire new visitors
  • Use your website to transform visitors into clients
  • Use email marketing to retain your client base
  • Use customer relationship management software to manage relationships
  • Use web analytics to maximize your return on investement

Read more about our integrated marketing and technology solutions.

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