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VulcanCRM - Opportunities

Stay on top of sales and manage relationships for more satisfied customers, and use analytics to make smarter decisions.Watch profitability soar with the ability to track your leads, contacts, and projects in one place, company-wide.

Harness the power of VulcanCRM to recognize opportunities, close sales, even manage marketing campaigns. More sales and less time wasted, means greater profit and happier customers.

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On-Demand(SaaS) or On-Premise Deployment

On-demand software is hosted by us and accessed via a web browser. There is an ongoing fee, but doesn’t require an IT team to host and manage the application. On-premise deployment means more control over data and access. But there is a higher up-front cost.

Rent or buy? The choice is yours, but you don’t have to make it alone. We can walk through the options and help you choose the best solution for your business.


VulcanCRM leverages Microsoft technologies including ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Together with our 16 years of enterprise-level development expertise with Microsoft technologies, you can rest assured that your CRM deployment (whether on-demand or on-premise) will be supported by the best in the industry.

Hosted in Canada

Hosting both your CRM and your corporate website with a single hosting provider makes sense not only from an integration perspective - as all your online leads can flow straight into the CRM database - but also for data privacy and SEO. If you're a Canadian trying to reach the domestic market, it is important to the search engines that the IP address of your website points to a web server located in Canada. Read more about our managed hosting services.

Already Have a CRM Solution?

We'd be happy to work with your existing CRM to further integrate your marketing and technology efforts. Whether it’s integrating lead acquisition data from your website, or order data from your online shopping, or behavioural data from your email campaigns, we can help. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.

Integrated Solutions

Over the last 16 years, we've provided marketing and technology solutions to small, mid-sized, and large organizations, ranging from CMS-driven corporate websites, to B2B email campaigns, to eCommerce-enabled sites. Many of those projects benefited from data and web integration efforts, from bringing legacy systems online, to online order processing, to offline inventory and warehousing.

Single Provider for Your Marketing and Technology Needs

Having one provider for all your search, web, email, CRM and analytics needs offers the most cost-effective solution, both from a rapid application development and backend integration perspective. With strong industry expertise across programs, your brand is better monitored, your message is consistent, your sales are easier to close, and your marketing dollars achieve a better ROI.


VulcanCRM - Reports

VulcanCRM has a built-in reporting engine that allows basic column selection and filtering. Reports can be rendered as PDF, or sent as an attachment. The real strength of VulcanCRM Reporting is that reports can also be imported and exported in RDL format, which a report designer can use to create elaborate reports. Among many other features, VulcanCRM reports can be displayed as a Dashlet on the CRM home page for quick access.

Reports are available in Professional and Enterprise editions only.

Event-Based Emails

VulcanCRM - Documents

VulcanCRM can automatically generate and send event-based emails, such as “Thank You” emails to leads created from a web-to-lead capture page on your site. This process uses a combination of Email Response Workflow and Alert Email to do this, and you have complete control over both, including personalizing the email and editing the copy.

Email Response is available in the Enterprise edition only.


VulcanCRM - Dashlets

Your VulcanCRM home page can be customized with dashboard controls called Dashlets. These allow you to personalize your work environment, to quickly view and access your most important data. Even better, these controls can be customized by each user.

Dashlets are available in all three VulcanCRM editions.

Team Management

VulcanCRM - Team Management

Rest assured that conflicts of interest between teams are now a thing of the past! VulcanCRM Team Management provides greater granularity and isolation of your teams and the accounts they work on, by allowing you to control which users see which records.

Team management is available in Professional and Enterprise editions only.

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