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Travel Industry Council of Ontario

Build a strong foundation.

TICO, the regulatory body for the travel industry in Ontario, has benefited from our Data Quality expertise.

"Working with Single Entry Point has been an invaluable experience – from what they bring to our digital marketing efforts and from an industry education perspective."

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When your marketing database is your most valuable asset, data integrity is not an option – it’s critical. Our data quality service ensures your contact information is clean and accurate, so it is useful for your business.

Whether it’s a contact us form on your corporate website, or a lead acquisition form on a microsite, our data quality service ensures that forms are filled in completely and accurately, so you can worry less about data integrity, and more about capturing new leads.

What We Can Do

  • Data input verification, processed at point of entry, so most issues are resolved before storing the record in the database
  • Email address verification for duplicates, case standardization, formatting, syntax, and DNS
  • Verification of Canadian and US addresses
  • Phone number verification, including toll-free numbers
  • Batch processing of large data sets

Why is This Important?

Good data drives good decisions, period. Data quality is paramount, and with our service you’ll experience these benefits:
  • Avoid duplicate data issues, bounce backs and undeliverable emails
  • Increase web form completion and conversion rates
  • Improve reliability of contact information
  • Reduce spam and fraud in sweepstakes, online contests, and on-line registrations
  • Reduce waste associated with bad or incomplete addresses

Data Quality for website development

Data quality services are available for email marketing, website development, content management systems, and custom database marketing. Contact us for a free estimate.