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What is the difference between branded vs non-branded email marketing?

Branded Email Marketing refers to the set-up where all aspects of an email communication, including all email headers, embedded URLs and all web-based interfaces that a recipient will interact with, are branded with your company name.
Non-Branded Email Marketing is the set-up provided by most email marketing agencies in which all email communication characteristics are branded either with the agency name or with some meaningless domain names. In the worst case scenario, your domain name is "faked" and thus most likely set to trigger spam filters. In today's competitive market conditions, businesses, regardless of their size, cannot afford to send non-branded email communications. Branded email marketing allows your business to stand out from the crowd and maximize your email marketing revenues.

How is Single Entry Point supporting Mobile Email Marketing?

We approach Mobile Email Marketing from two angles: technology and best practices.
Based on our analysis over the years of mobile devices capabilities in rendering HTML, we've developed advanced technology to enable our clients to target both desktop and mobile users. And, our end-to-end business model enables us to apply a wealth of best practices throughout the stages of the email communication, from planning and creation, to broadcast and tracking, to analysis and reporting. Our Mobile Email Marketing (MEM) strategy is described in more detail here.

Does Single Entry Point uses email for Social Marketing?

Single Entry Point targets Social Networks as part of our strategic focus on the Email and Search media channels. Typically, we will participate in client's overall social strategy and execute Social-integrated email marketing campaigns and Social-targeted search engine marketing campaigns. Contact us to learn how using an integrated and targeted strategy in the social media space can help you cross boundaries and gain you the unfair advantage.

Should we use a third-party email list in our email marketing campaign?

We advise our clients to stop using third-party email lists and start building their own.
The reason is that you'll very rarely find a clean list. And, based on our own experience over the past 10 years, the open rate is low and the conversion rate is even lower - even in the B2B space. This being said, there are few email list companies that go through extreme efforts to grow and clean their lists. Before buying, ensure you are getting quality. Furthermore, ensure you are complying with anti-spam laws and fulfill unsubscribe requests promptly and accurately. A better approach - in our opinion - is to grow your own email list. Your message will reach prospects that are more likely to convert into customers than any other third-party list out there.

I need to test my email to a small selection of recipients

We can test your email communication against a randomly selected subset of recipients or you can indicate the exact list. If you are running email campaigns consisting of large lists, a random selection may make more sense. If you are running a business-to-business campaign, or have particular requirements for targeting and studying their behavioural response, an exact list of email addresses may make more sense

Should we use a cookie-cutter, pre-designed template?

We advise our clients to stop using pre-designed email templates and start using email designs that are custom made to your requirements. Custom designed email templates should not cost an arm and a leg, and should provide you with the professional look your unique brand requires. Make your email communication stand out from the crowd with quality design and effective layouts

We are a large company with business units throughout Canada and US and we have issues synchronizing unsubscribe requests between lists. Each business unit sends email promotions to its own permission-based list. Since lists share many email addresses, unsubscribing requests are not properly fulfilled

This scenario requires a strict subscribe and unsubscribe methodology, implemented company wide. It also requires more sophisticated email marketing technology. It may also require more granular user data. Single Entry Point® Email Marketing technology supports multi-department subscribe and unsubscribe policies, including integration capabilities with external backend systems - if further processing of data is needed. Depending on the control we have on the data, we offer this feature through a series of automated auditing and synchronizing procedures and external querying of our data stores through secure, SOAP-based protocols. The procedures can be controlled through a customizable workflow, including the availability of human intervention for complex cases. Contact us for more information

I have problems maintaining my list clean. When I started, my list was clean but over time I ended up with duplicates and a lot of email addresses trigger errors

Your email marketing technology should provide data hygiene capabilities. As lists grow, so do errors due to misspellings or wrong email syntax. Our email marketing service ensures you use a clean list each time you run an email marketing campaign. Our data hygiene procedures are automated and are executed before and after each campaign. We run a multi-layered cleansing process that eliminates misspelled emails, emails with wrong syntaxes, or duplicate emails. In addition, we run DNS verifications on each address and deploy a comprehensive, real-time bounce management process. Last but not least, we provide an auditing schedule based on human intervention, where needed. A note of caution: a dirty list will provoke internet service providers to blacklist

We manage a B2B email newsletter and are not satisfied with the level of response we get from our list

Without a detailed analysis of your current efforts it is hard to pinpoint the nature of the problem. However, some of the solutions we have provided in business-to-business deployments and showed a positive impact on recipient response were: improved relevancy in each email communication and changes in the frequency of communications. You may increase relevancy by segmenting data and targeting users based on their preferences. You increase response levels by ensuring you are not overusing the email channel, either by changing the frequency of your communication or changing the day and the time of the broadcasts. Regardless of your approach, you should test, test and then test again