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Track Email Marketing Campaigns with Web Analytics

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A lot of time and thought goes into your email marketing campaigns. You set objectives, write copy, develop creative, create landing pages, test subject lines, choose contact lists or segments, and decide what delivery time is best.

Once its launched, you watch your metrics to see how many have opened your email, how many have clicked, what they clicked on, who unsubscribed, revenue generated, and so on. From this, you may draw conclusions about the success of the campaign.

But those metrics are only half the picture. With all this time spent, your website better not fail to support your efforts!

Whether the goal of your site is for visitors to sign up for your newsletter, request a quote, download a brochure or whitepaper, refer their friends, or buy online - there are unfortunately countless ways for this process to fail, for visitors to ...Sign in to read the full article..

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