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Email MarketingReach them in their inbox.

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Reach them in their inbox.

The largest TELCO companies in Canada have benefited from our email marketing technology and expertise. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.

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It takes more than a fancy, well worded website to keep your customers from jumping ship to the competition. A constant flow of communication between you and your clientele doesn’t just keep them informed. It also makes them feel wanted.

With Single Entry Point’s email marketing service, you can stay connected with your customers via high-impact, highly targeted emails that resonate with your audience. Get a time-sensitive promotion out the door. Target a specific segment of your database with an important message. Keep everyone up to date with a weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletter. Analyze performance data and get inside the brains of your customers.

What's In It For You

When you choose Single Entry Point’s email marketing solution, you'll realize:

  • The experience of over 14 years of hands-on email marketing expertise
  • High success rates in customer acquisition, retention and reactivation
  • An increase in lifetime value of members and customers
  • A cost-effective, targeted and highly measurable solution
  • The ability to communicate with prospects at the right moment
  • Improved brand awareness

Stand Out From The Crowd

What makes Single Entry Point email marketing offering uniquely superior? We use our own proprietary software — developed in house — to create and launch targeted emails to our clients' permission-based customer lists. That means we don’t rely on a third party company so you can take comfort knowing your customer data is locked and secure. Plus, you get access to a wealth of email marketing expertise from best practices to complex backend integrations.

We’ve built our email marketing technology from the ground up to offer our clients:

  • Scalable email platform with high-volume handling capacities - single to multi-server
  • Cutting-edge technologies and industry-standard data formats
  • Mechanisms for platform-independent integration with backend systems