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Email Production

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Reach them in their inbox.

The largest TELCO companies in Canada have benefited from our email marketing technology and expertise. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.

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Frustrated by the limitations of your old email templates or looking for more support to achieve better conversion from your campaigns?

Let us handle the details so you can focus on the results! We have the expertise to design and produce your newsletter and sales and marketing email templates - or we can execute the production (coding, loading, testing) based on your design(s).

We've been providing email marketing services for large to mid to small organizations since 1998, and are experts in achieving results through email.

HTML Email Templates

We craft either template-based email newsletters and communications, or brochure-like designs, where each email message can be different.

You'll feel confident knowing that maintaining brand guidelines and consistency between communications are always top of mind.

Expert Advice

Wondering just how to build an email-friendly template? We can help by providing email layouts that are professionally crafted using our tried and true methodology:

  • Review objectives
  • Produce wireframe
  • Produce design
  • Email production
  • Testing
  • Deploying
  • Review results

Compatibility with both Desktop and Mobile Email Clients

Are you frustrated by:

  • 1px gaps in Outlook 2010?
  • Your styled newsletter does not look like the design?
  • Slow loading emails?
  • Lack of CSS support?
  • Free email templates not being good enough?
  • Rendering problems with common email clients?

We ensure that your communication pieces are optimized for fast loading without visibly degrading the visuals, and our designs have a wide compatibility with both desktop and mobile clients.

In addition, we provide comprehensive testing of the actual email that goes out in web-based clients like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail; desktop clients such as like Outlook and Thurderbird; and mobile clients like iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, and Nokia.

Maximize Conversions

We consult on and even provide content to maximize conversions across your campaigns and communications, and can advise on landing pages to fully maximize your ROI.

Contact us to learn how we can work together and make email marketing a wildly successful part of your marketing plans!