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Terre Neuve Gallery in Aurora, Ontario

Build a strong foundation

Terre Neuve Gallery, Aurora's leading art gallery and framing facility has benefited from our web development expertise.

"On behalf of Terre Neuve Gallery, I would like to thank all of you for the very professional and efficient manner in which you have developed and promoted our website."

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Geographical targeting (or geo-targeting) is a way for your website to display optimized content specific to a visitor's locality - such as their country, region, province, city, or neighbourhood.

It treats each of your visitors as an individual, by showing them, for example, prices, advertising, or news specific to their area. It is also a proven method of successful, organic search engine optimization.

What We Can Do

  • Customised geo-solution for your business.
  • Deliver geo-targeted online marketing support for your website, microsite, or landing page.
  • Provide a scalable infrastructure, powered by a multi-GB relational database that is always ready to resolve and serve your website content based on your specific business rules.
  • Integrate with your website either through web services or on-site (for larger implementations).

What Does it Look Like?

Glimpse a geo-targeted landing page now. Visit our marketing seminars page and observe the page tagline - customized in real time, based on your location.

Instead of talking at your customers, talk to them, with content specific to their geographical location. Then watch your ROI climb.