About Single Entry Point Marketing

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Single Entry Point® Marketing uses a four-phase, iterative and incremental process to drive your project to its successful completion. Each phase uses internal and external checkpoints (Milestones) to guide the development process. This allows us for significant task overlap, thus achieving a fast turnaround and optimized results.

Single Entry Point® Marketing - Project Management Methodology


We start by conducting an initial assessment of your business requirements. In this phase, we engage key stakeholders to determine the project scope and direction. The Discovery phase may consist of multiple meetings with your team to gain a better understanding of your current online and offline marketing initiatives. Armed with this information, we will provide you with a high-level budget and timetable. We are now ready to move into the Planning phase of the project.


The Planning phase determines the scope of work and outlines the actions Single Entry Point® will undertake. Goals and objectives, resource requirements, tasks and responsibilities, prioritization, key performance indicators, risk assessment, project timelines and milestones, all are synthesized into the Action Plan/Functional Requirements document, which will serve as a clear and actionable road map to both end users and development team.


As we move into production, progress details are constantly provided as the campaign unfolds, ensuring plenty of opportunities for your input. In this phase, the Single Entry Point® team develops, deploys and implements the marketing, creative and functional requirements specified in the Action Plan. In preparation for the next phase, we assess and verify that support plans and management procedures are in place. At this stage, all new requirements are noted and deferred to the next release. Alterations to the initial specifications are analyzed for feasibility and the impact on on the agreed timelines and budgets is quantified and presented for your review.


In this phase, the Single Entry Point® team focuses on running and refining the solution. We report on our management efforts on a monthly basis, via customized marketing reports. We conduct regular reviews on strategy and quality with your team and we are answering any questions you might have.