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Mobile Email Marketing

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Why Mobile Email Marketing?

Mobile email marketing is experiencing rapid growth as more and more consumers and businesses access their emails on the go.

To optimize email communications for mobile device users, Single Entry Point adopted a Technology & Best Practices approach for which it devised a variety of tactics. This blended approach works especially well as there is very little support for mobile email standards and HTML rendering capabilities of Smartphones change on a frequent basis.

Why the combination of Technology and Best Practices?

In short, for two reasons: the variety of HTML rendering capabilities and the complexity of client business requirements.

  • First, there is no common standard on how mobile devices will render HTML emails. And, there is no common standard on how will they treat Multipart formats either. Some devices may decide to strip the HTML rather than display the Plain-Text version. Others will decide to render the HTML but do a poor job at that. Some may read CSS, some may simply choose to ignore it.
  • Second, email marketing requirements are as varied as our clients. They vary from email design, to list structure, to marketing strategy.

To respond to such diverse needs we devised a set of Mobile Email Marketing Tactics (MEM). These tactics enable us to adapt to clients' business needs by choosing the most cost-effective implementation, while ensuring a high rate of email deliverability. Here they are in summarized form:

MEM Tactic Technology Best Practices Effort
1. Best Rendering We provide support for serving targeted Multipart MIME, HTML, and Plain Text formats. We apply the appropriate design to all email templates to ensure readability in all possible screen scenarios. Carefully crafted HTML and CSS, short tracking URLs, size considerations, are just a few of the email best practices employed. Regular
2. Data Segmentation We segment data on mobile indicators and route the email generation through specific transformation designed for wireless devices. Dedicated email templates enable us to increase optimization efforts for small-screen requirements. Best practices are evaluated and applied based on individual segments. More involved
3. "On-the-go" Addresses If your email list supports on-the-go email addresses, we customize our email technology to work accordingly. We design and deploy multiple email templates based on mobile and desktop screen specifications. Best practices are applied within the confines of screen requirements. Most involved

The above tactics implement methods to enrich data with both New and Established email lists. In all instances, you have the option of directing your recipients to mobile landing pages.

Single Entry Point consultants have a long history of developing mobile marketing technology starting from 1999. Throughout those times we pioneered wireless e-commerce in Canada offering product catalog and online purchasing availability on small-screens devices.

What next?

You can read more about the Single Entry Point email service and our technology. Or, contact us to learn which option is more appropriate for your mobile requirements.

Mike LascutMike Lascut is Principal of Single Entry Point® Marketing, focusing on the search, email and analytics practice and leading the development of the Single Entry Point Email Marketing next generation product. Mike's professional career spans over twenty years, including twelve years of intelligent search and email marketing and over a decade and half of software architecture and development. When he's not pointing businesses in a smarter direction, Mike spends his time pointing his lens at wildlife. Connect with Mike on Linkedin, read his Nature Research Photography blog, or reach him via email or phone.