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Nature's Emporium in Newmarket, Ontario

Build a strong foundation

Nature's Emporium, Canada's largest wholistic market has benefited from our web development expertise.

"You really did an excellent job on the site. Thank you for all the assistance you've given us along the way... it's made this process much simpler than it could have been otherwise."

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Morgan Stanley says that Mobile Internet is ramping faster than Desktop Internet did and that the mobile web will be bigger than desktop Internet use by 2015.

Is your website readable on mobile devices? Your content is of little value to users if it ignores the context in which it is viewed.

Unlike the desktop environment, where screen space is liberal, web access is fast and reliable, and data input happens with a keyboard and mouse, the mobile web experience is often a small screen, one-handed experience.

Most websites won't work on a mobile phone - they are slow to load and hard to view, and don't offer the right kind of experience.

What We Can Do

  • Start with your existing website to develop leaner content and a reduced feature set.
  • Exploit mobile opportunities like location-specific data and on-the-go messaging.
  • Create a mobile site that works perfectly on all mobile devices using device detection software.
  • Help you choose the proper mobile web address.

If you need a full website optimized for small screens, a microsite, or even just dedicated landing pages, we can develop your mobile presence in a cost effective and search engine-friendly manner.

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