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Optimizing Online PR

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What works for traditional media relations (well-crafted releases, and plenty of personal follow-up) still applies, but there's a bit more to consider when you work the room online.

Optimize online PR

Incorporating SEO into marketing and PR strategies is critical to driving home your message. This means optimizing your releases for search engines to enable your audience to find your news and share it. Engaged audiences are more likely to spread your message to their networks, the backbone of viral marketing.

It starts with the writing of your press release, and moves to a useful, up-to-date, media room on your website. But that's not all. By nature, PR folk are social, and you need to be integrating on social networks where your audience hangs out.

Writing your Press Release

Search engines rely on the actual on-page content more than ever, so use relevant keywords throughout your release, as you would with any page on your site. To increase visibility, ...Sign in to read the full article.

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