RainWorx Development Services

An easy way to connect buyers and sellers.

Be The Next Amazon

Diversify your product portfolio and reach a larger audience with a multi-vendor marketplace. Let others sell their products through your website.

Full-Featured, Responsive and Secure

RainWorx Software is a fully featured and responsive solution suited to run a full blown marketplace globally. As a Microsoft-based solution using .Net and MVC technologies, RainWorx gives you a secure and extensible platform with easy configuration for a customized look and feel.

As experienced RainWorx developers, we’ve been building secure ecommerce websites with database-driven web applications since 1996. All our work and technical support is based in Canada.

What We Can Do For You

  • Install and configure an out-of-the-box version of Rainworx unique to your brand.
  • Design and customize Rainworx to adapt to any size device.
  • Expand existing Rainworx functionality to match your backend requirements.
  • Merge the Rainworx platform with your corporate website or any other internal process and operation.
  • Integration of PayPal or other secure payment processor.
  • Data mapping and seamless migration from your old eCommerce platform.

We work with many digital marketing agencies, who trust us to provide their clients with secure and confidential expertise for their technical requirements.

For a free estimate with no obligations, please call 416-482-9990 or email us at .

Sell Online Formats: Fixed Price, Standard Auctions, Classifieds, Marketplace

Fixed Price format

The most common online selling format. Showcase your product images, features and benefits, and sell instantly with a fixed price. Contact us for a demo of a Fixed Price listing solution.

Standard Auctions format

Allow customers to bid on your product. Specify a start and end time, reserve price, proxy bidding, even a Buy Now option. When the auction ends, you sell to the highest bidder. Contact us for a demo of a Standard Auction solution.

Classifieds format

Reach new customers in new ways with classified listings. Perfect for second-hand products, these non-binding transaction listings have powerful categorization tools, start and end times, and enable potential buyers to inquire about pricing and details. Contact us for a demo of a Classifieds format solution.

Marketplace: Diversify your revenue streams

Buy and sell online with a robust marketplace. Enable any numbers of vendors to sell through your website alongside your own product listings, generating more visitors and, optionally, additional revenue through listings’ fees. Contact us for a demo of a Marketplace solution.

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