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Why should we care about SEO or PPC?

Much can be written about SEO and PPC and why you should dedicate significant marketing budgets and efforts to these tactics. Read our brief examination titled Cost-Effective Organic SEO and Pay-Per-Click and get two charts from Cornell University and Piper Jaffray & Co., illustrating the importance of search engine rankings and the cost-effectiveness of the search channel.

Does Single Entry Point advertise in Social Networks?

Single Entry Point targets Social Networks as part of our strategic focus on the Search and Email media channels. Typically, we will participate in client's overall social strategy and execute Social-targeted search engine marketing campaigns and Social-integrated email marketing campaigns. Contact us to learn how using a targeted and integrated strategy in the social media space can help you cross boundaries and gain you the unfair advantage.

Will Single Entry Point guarantee a top position in organic search engine results?

Our objective with any SEO project is to improve your website's visibility in search engines in the context dictated by your business requirements. While we cannot guarantee top positions, we always achieve agreed-upon SEO objectives. To achieve and maintain top positions in competitive markets, a website must become an authority in the field. To become one it requires a good SEO foundation, continuous optimization efforts, fresh and relevant content, and a great deal of visibility in related websites. Our deliverables will provide you with an excellent SEO foundation as well as expert SEO consultation to help you achieving your goal.

Today, search engines put more weight on personalization than ever. Personalization means serving individual results to searchers skewed to their past activity, location and other factors. This makes rankings a non-reliable mechanism to gauge SEO performance. We advise all our clients and prospects to start measuring and optimizing performance based on conversions and traffic quality.

One should be wary of companies or individuals that guarantee top positions in organic results. Employing spam techniques will only get your website banned from indexes. In those cases, it may take a full year to get back your original rankings. Read Single Entry Point's SEO Guarantee.

I started creating my own Google AdWords account and started bidding on my own. But after so many days and so many keywords added, I still cannot get proper clicks. And the ones I got didn’t do anything for me

We get this question a lot. Google does a great job of making it sound easy to run your own PPC campaign but the reality is that PPC is more of a science than a do it yourself project (unless you know the ins and outs of PPC marketing).

To get results requires a great deal of expertise, effort, and time. And, as your market becomes more competitive, so your need for expertise and effort will increase. Note that we've left out "the need for increased budgets". You need expertise that straddles more than one area of specialization, such as marketing, analytics and technology. Companies, small to large, immediately realize they either need in-house PPC expertise, or to outsource to a team of PPC experts. We are here to help and we will be happy to answer any PPC questions you might have.

I already have an established PPC account and I'm not achieving my financial objectives

This is a question that requires a better response, but in a nutshell, you need to first identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Secondly, you need to start testing and optimizing constantly to reach and exceed your financial objectives. Please note we can intervene at any stage of your pay-per-click strategy and help you make the most of it. We work closely with you to understand your financial goals, identify such bottlenecks and pave the way to a more profitable future for your company

I prefer establishing an internal team of search engine marketing experts

The In-House SEM training program provides all the insights you need to establish a team of search engine marketing experts and get a successful search marketing campaign off the ground

I need help with my keyword research

Proper keyword research is critical to the success of a pay-per-click campaign. We run comprehensive keyword analysis and research for all of our clients. Our keyword methodology takes in consideration over 35 relevancy signals throughout a variety of sources - all designed to yield a high ROI. Contact us for more information

My website is now banned from the search engine index. What should I do?

You need to contact us as soon as possible. As we identify the reasons why your site is penalized we can immediately take the necessary steps to get you back into the game. Furthermore, we will help you design and execute on a long-term and sustainable SEO strategy

I have good rankings for some of my keywords but currently I'm looking to migrate the website to a content management system (CMS). Will I loose the existing traffic?

Done right, a website migration to a database-driven content management system can successfully maintain the existing search engine traffic levels or have only a short-term, minimal impact. Done wrong, the migration can kill your existing traffic and prove even more devastating in the long-term. Single Entry Point® Marketing specializes in architecting large, CMS-driven websites, from medium size websites - thousands of pages, to large, enterprise-level websites - tens of thousands of pages or even in the hundreds of thousands. Contact us for a cost-effective migration solution

My clients are asking for search engine marketing services including SEO and PPC. I'm evaluating my options, either hiring SEM consultants or outsourcing to a SEM agency. What's best for me?

We will be glad to help either way. Your clients are on the right track when inquiring about Search Engine Marketing. Search may already be the number one user activity on the web (email was still #1 activity in 2007 with search in close second). It's cost-effective, highly measurable and when done right, can be highly targeted. You can either take advantage of our White-Label program or hire us to train your team of consultants

We spend a great deal of time gaining inbound links and PageRank. In some cases, it seems our efforts actually damaged our natural search engine traffic. Why is that?

Without a proper analysis of your situation is hard to say if Google penalizes your efforts and thus negatively impacting your traffic. It is important to note that links should be obtained naturally. Over the past years, Google's detection algorithms for spam-type inbound linking improved significantly. Sadly, lots of SEOs are advocating techniques that are walking clients on the edge of the chasm. Even at well known conferences, some of the promoted techniques by SEOs may very well be interpreted as spam by search engines. We advise our prospects to be ethical in their efforts and employ only best practices when optimizing their sites. Falling into the spam category may destroy your traffic and recovery is far from easy.