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SEO Guarantee: Top 5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Search Engine Optimization

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The Unethical SEO Guarantee

The first time we ever encountered a "Top 10 ranking" guarantee was in early 1996 during the launch and promotion of our first website. Thirteen years later our clients continue to receive unsolicited emails and phone calls promoting Top 10 rankings in the form of "GUARANTEED TOP RANKING AND POPULARITY FOR YOUR WEBSITE." Or the infamous, "Get targeted traffic and have your site submitted to 2,000+ search engines and directories in just minutes!" And of course our personal favourite, "Guaranteed Page 1 within 7 days or Pay Nothing!"

Unfortunately, we regularly receive inquires from businesses that bought into these ridiculous SEO (search engine optimization) guarantees, and are now experiencing a drastic reduction in traffic or even worse, they’ve been banned from search engines rankings for spamming.

There are two possible outcomes when you buy in these search engine rankings guarantees, depending on what methods these spammers employ:

  1. Your website is quickly flagged as a spammy website and penalized for your actions. Penalties will range from lowered rankings to being removed from their index altogether. This is usually the case when the SEO spammers employ obvious black hat methods
  2. Your website is enjoying temporary high levels of traffic for your targeted keywords. You will benefit from these high rankings for a period of few months until either the search engine algorithms catch up with you, their spam teams start investigating you, or a competitor blows the whistle on you. Penalties will again range from lowering your rankings to full removal from their indexes. This usually is the case when SEO spammers employ more advanced methods of spammy behaviour that are more difficult to detect by the engines

Some business owners seem satisfied with temporary high rankings by using domain names that can easily be discarded. They were even willing to continue using the same SEO consultants just by setting a new domain. Until we explained in detail that Google and other search engines look beyond just the domain name to identify spam.

Five Things You Need to Know to Avoid Unethical Approaches to Organic Search Engine Optimization

  1. No one can guarantee a #1 position
  2. No one can deliver high rankings in just a few days
  3. Submitting to hundreds (or thousands) of search engines and directories with a click of a button (and thus jumping from zero links to hundreds in a matter of minutes) will raise flags with algorithms and spam teams, ultimately hurting your rankings rather than improving them
  4. "Pay only when you achieve rankings" guarantees will most likely include your website in link networks. Your participation will sooner or later be penalized by the engines
  5. Ethical search engine optimization is a time consuming effort that requires expert knowledge of both marketing and technology

Will Single Entry Point Guarantee a Top Position in Organic Search Engine Results?

No. Our objective with every SEO project is to ethically improve your website's visibility in search engines in the context dictated by your business requirements. While we cannot guarantee top positions, we always talk about your needs and then we work to achieve our agreed-upon SEO objectives. To attain and hold top positions in competitive markets, a website must become an authority in its field. This requires a solid SEO foundation, continuous optimization efforts, fresh and relevant content, and a great deal of visibility in related websites. Our deliverables will provide you with an excellent SEO foundation as well as expert SEO consultation to help you reach your online goals.

Today more than ever, search engines put more weight on personalization, which means serving individual results to searchers based on their past activity, location and other factors. This makes search engine rankings a non-reliable mechanism to gauge SEO performance. We advise all our clients and prospects to start optimizing and measuring performance based on the quality of incoming traffic and on conversions.

Our SEO Guarantee

We do it right the first time. We never employ unethical techniques and we always abide by search engines’ terms and conditions. We strive to educate our clients about how the search engines work, and the impact and outcomes of our actions. We guarantee to remain relevant to your marketing objectives, regardless of how competitive your market is. We will be reachable via phone, email or in person as you need us. While we are always on the lookout for ways to achieve fast results and quick wins, our approach ensures long-term SEO success scalable for future site expansions.

Are you looking for an SEO consultant? Let's discuss your search engine optimization objectives. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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