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Integrated Marketing for Today's Business Environment

In a tough economy, the natural reaction is to burrow down.

But while the other guys make cuts that force their marketing efforts into hibernation, you can take the necessary steps to survive the uncertainty, prepare for growth, and ultimately leapfrog ahead of the competition.

Single Entry Point is delighted to bring new clients our Sustainable Internet Habitat™, a packaged program that will enable you to profit from online marketing, while spending smarter.

Each edition bundles the building blocks your company needs to market itself online at a significantly reduced rate:

  • Search engine marketing (acquire new customers)
  • Email marketing (retain existing customers)
  • Web analytics (maximize returns)
  • Expert consulting
  • Managed web hosting

The Content and Commerce editions maximize your potential to lead in today’s conditions - content management and e-commerce capabilities align with search, email, and analytics to deliver the most powerful marketing punch.

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