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Monthly Analysis - September 2021 | Managed Web Hosting

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Top Left - Based on our traffic analysis for September 2021, see the top 10 countries classified as origin of web server attacks.
Top Right - Geovisualization of the web server attacks in September 2021, across the 65 countries classified as origin of such attacks. Bottom Center - Analysis of IP addresses identified as trying to hide their identity, classified in 4 categories - Hosting, Proxy, VPN, and TOR Exit Nodes.


  • USA remains the principal source of web server attacks.
  • Canada advanced from the top 10 position in August to top 3 this month.
  • The top 10 countries for September accounted for 71% of total attacks for the month - a decrease of 4% over the month of September, when compared to the previous month.
  • IP addresses identified as anonymous (trying to hide their identity) accounted for 56% of the total server attacks for the month.
  • Websites built on the WordPress and Joomla CMS platforms continue to be the most attacked. We estimate that 88% of attacks are directed to these platforms.

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