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What Are Your Travel Customers Searching For? Three Ways to Find Out

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Tourism and travel research is one of the top activities consumers perform online. So having a website that no one can find is like having an unlisted number in the yellow pages - what's the point?

Whether you're a tour operator, cruise line, hotelier, airline, or destination marketing board, when you know what your target audience is searching for, not only can you get them to your site, but you can provide relevant content once they're there. This engagement is what leads, ultimately, to conversion to sale.

So how do you go about understanding the behaviour of your travel customers? Through search activity: the words and phrases they use to research travel options online. Find out what they are, use them in your SEO & PPC marketing mix, and reap the rewards.

Travel marketing experts use a variety of techniques to achieve this - here are three you can implement right away...Sign in to read the full article.

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