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This way to a higher ROI.

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We have made a significant investment in our online web presence. How can we make the most of our efforts?

You need to make the most of your web analytics package. We assume you already have one. If you don't, make it a priority to invest in one that fits your requirements. If you have one but you are just starting, take the time to devise a web analytics strategy which should include at a minimum: resources and stakeholders, tracking methodologies, goals definition, and a reporting structure. If you are well versed in web-analytics, than it may be a matter of defining better key performance indicators and deriving more clear action plans

Should I use a free analytics program for my website?

Selecting your web analytics program depends on a variety of factors, including business size and budgets. But first, there are strategic considerations you need to evaluate. Contact us with your web analytics requirements and we'll provide you with further insight to help you making the appropriate decision. This consultation will be provided at no cost to you and with no strings attached

I was told by my web analytics vendor that tagging my pages is easy. I find tagging to be a time intensive process and requires a variety of expertise. What can I do to make things simpler?

Implementing a web analytics program is rarely a slam-dunk, especially if you are dealing with a large number of pages, or complex website architecture, or database-driven pages, or a content management system, or a combination of the above. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer nor a quick fix. It requires a careful analysis of the marketing objectives, familiarity with the web analytics program, defining an implementation strategy, coding, testing, and launching. If you are dealing with a large website, we recommend assembling a team with the following areas of expertise: marketing stakeholder(s), software architect, programmer, network engineer, and search a marketing consultant

We are using web analytics for 2 years now. However, I have a hard-time convincing our senior management about the value of our online investments

You probably need to define and measure better goals. It is a well-known challenge many marketers and companies are facing these days. Today's web analytics tools provide a plethora of statistics and you may simply see symptoms of a "data rich, information poor" case. We recommend sitting down with your marketing team and define new key performance indicators. KPIs should align with your business goals and should target the entire customer cycle. Improved KPIs should have a positive impact on your company revenue. See our web analytics service description for details on how we can help

What digital channels can you measure?

While your ability to measure may be restricted by application architecture, security requirements, infrastructure limitations, and privacy policies, most online marketing endeavours can be tracked and measured in detail. The following are the digital channels that we have developed and measured over the years: websites, microsites, search engines, email, e-Commerce, contests, wireless devices, and banner advertising