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Web AnalyticsThis way to a higher ROI.

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This way to a higher ROI.

The largest Office Products supplier in Canada has benefited from our Web Analytics training. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.

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Single Entry Point offers training opportunities to companies that are seeking to better understand the world of web analytics, search engine marketing, and email marketing – and ultimately become in-house experts.

Our training packages allow key players in your organization to soak up our decade and a half of search engine marketing and email marketing experience.

If you'd rather build internal expertise than outsource to an agency, the In-House Training Program is for you. It is cost-effective and customized to your unique business requirements.

How It Works

We provide customized web analytics training by first learning about your training requirements and business objective.

Depending on the analytics program in discussion, areas of training may include everything from visitor segmentation and measuring website popularity to more advanced aspects such as analyzing customer life cycle and customer lifetime value.

Training will include written materials and at the end of the program we are available for further consulting as needed.

Benefit from consistency and results through one service provider. In-house Training Services are also available for Search Marketing and Email Marketing.