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Web AnalyticsThis way to a higher ROI.

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This way to a higher ROI.

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If you ever frequent a website and notice that its design and architecture are constantly changing, there’s a bigger reason for it than an overcaffeinated web designer.

Most likely, a desire to obtain a higher ROI out of that website is behind its evolution. Web analytics is an integral part of realizing it.

Single Entry Point is heavily involved in web analytics – the process of collecting information about a website and analyzing it in an effort to improve how consumers connect to and react with it. What’s being studied? Primarily, it’s the people who navigate to your site and their interaction with your brand.

What they do while they’re there can make a world of difference to the evolution of your website and the growth of your business.

We take an analytical approach to everything we do. And we advise our clients to do the same, whether they’re considering search, email, social, or just website development. If you’re contemplating developing or expanding a website and you haven’t already considered web analytics as a fundamental building block of your online marketing strategy, do it now and reap the long term benefits.