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Ten Usability Resolutions To Improve Web Marketing ROI

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You use search marketing, email, and online advertising to pull customers to your website. But what happens when they get there? Is your website accessible and friendly? Can visitors find the information they need? Truth be told, we tend to spend so much time focused on whether customers are finding us online that we forget about what happens when they do. Now is the perfect time to step back and take a fresh look at your website. Using web analytics and other tools, you can measure your site's performance to pinpoint areas of weakness, then implement changes for improved conversion on those marketing dollars.

1. Lower Bounce Rates

Using web analytics, look at the bounce rates for your top twenty entry or landing pages. A high bounce rate (percentage) means your visitor left before clicking on anything else. Analyze those pages, and improve them. Could you add an email sign-up option, or simplify the navigation? Decide what you are trying to do with each page, and then make sure there is a clear match between your purpose and your visitor’s objective.

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