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Cosmo Music, one of the largest music retail stores in Canada has benefited from our website maintenance expertise. Contact us for a free assessment.

A website is like a home – after it’s built, you continue to beautify, add features, and update to stay modern. Like a home, your website also needs to continuously change and improve.

But developing and updating can be a time-consuming task, requiring the right expertise and tools. You may always be waiting for a burdened I.T. department to get around to it, or conversely, perhaps there is not a dedicated full-time person.

Here’s where we come in. Our experienced and professional maintenance and support team will make changes to your website quickly and hassle-free, without compromising quality, so you can cut costs and fast-track site changes, from minor content updates to major renovations. Plus, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your website is in good hands.


  • Fast response time for website edits, revisions and updates
  • Technical support for your database, CMS, and ecommerce systems
  • Website security - analysis, recommendations, configurations and implementation
  • Disaster recovery, database backups, restoring data and services
  • Uptime monitoring as well as search engine visibility - if we spot an issue, we will alert you with a proposed fix or solution
  • Any type of website: static, custom-built, and/or powered by a content management system
  • Managed hosting with multi-layered, 24h/7 active threat detection and response
  • Telephone, email, and on-site support
 I appreciate that Mike, you have been a great supporter, we were blessed to have you partner with us. On behalf of Terre Neuve Gallery, I would like to thank all of you for the very professional and efficient manner in which you have developed and promoted our website.  Terre Neuve Gallery

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