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Cross Platform Mobile Development

Reach customers where they are with first-in-class mobile solutions to engage and convert on any device.

Is your business ready to release an app into the world? Whether a new concept or an app version of your product, our team of mobile development experts design and build custom, feature-rich apps that are user-friendly and cost-effective.

Our cross-platform mobile development expertise ensures your app is compatible with all major smartphones and compatible with multiple mobile platforms, including iOS and Android, to reach millions of potential users around the world.

Emergency Response Mobile

More information & screen gallery.

Emergency Response Mobile, from Atlas-Apex roofing Inc.
The Emergency Response Mobile app from Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. provides a direct link to our service dispatch team, to quickly and efficiently assist you with any urgent roof issues that require immediate attention. The large “Emergency Service Request” button in the center of the screen says it all. Learn more...

Ultimate Raffle Club Mobile App

Play a raffle. It's fun and engaging.

Ultimate Raffle Club Mobile App
Decide on a number of participants, generate the tickets and select your preferred number. Once all the tickets are selected, draw the winner.

The Development Process

  1. Detailed discovery process with regards to your app product offering
  2. Recommendations based on current technology and marketing best practices
  3. Delivery of detailed wireframes that illustrate the entire user experience end-to-end
  4. The design process, with feedback and iterations, until you are completely satisfied with the look and feel
  5. Impeccable coding and attention to detail during the development phase, confirming to app store specifications
  6. Thorough app testing for bugs or other performance issues, and ensuring performance across platforms and screen sizes
  7. Final testing and approvals
  8. Configuring the app and app store accounts for distribution

API & Backend Connectors

We have vast technical experience with APIs (Application Programming Interface) connections, to have your app talk to a database (web or cloud-based), enabling back and forth communication of specific data needed by the mobile app or submitted by the app user (for example, accounts and rewards programs).

These layers can handle authentication and authorization, data validation and application configuration, storage and synchronization, database access, and notifications to users and other systems.

We develop API connections based on best practices to ensure optimal performance, security, and design.

Peace of Mind

When you work with Single Entry Point® for your mobile app development you can look forward to:

  • Over 20 years of expertise
  • Projects delivered on time, and on budget
  • Best-in-class development

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