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Mike Lascut at Microsoft Campus Redmond
Mike Lascut in 1997 working on the Microsoft Site Server ecommerce platform in Redmond, Washington

When you need something done right, you go to the experts. We’ve been building eCommerce websites, database-driven web applications, and backend integrations since 1996, honing a unique methodology that allows our clients’ to plan, execute, and measure sales and marketing touchpoints with one vendor.

From simple to complex websites with content management and eCommerce platforms, mobile apps, plus search marketing and product photography expertise, we focus on laying a solid technical and marketing foundation so you can focus on what’s important - your business.

Expertise Highlights

  • 20+ years of experience architecting, designing and developing a variety of CMS-driven and eCommerce-enabled websites of all sizes
  • Early pioneering eCommerce solutions - selling online before selling online was a thing
  • Successful SEO and PPC campaign execution for some of the largest pharma companies in North America
  • 6+ years of expertise in building mobile apps and supporting APIs that connect seamlessly to back-end systems

Industries Highlights

A thank you gift from Chapters to Mike Lascut after the completion of the Chapters.ca website - a 4-million product catalogue offered online. Mike led the Microforum team in building the Chapters.ca website together with 2 consultants from Microsoft Canada.

Single Entry Point® Marketing has delivered successful solutions in industries ranging from consumer electronics, telecommunications, media, retail, and office supplies, to health, pharma, legal, construction, travel, real estate, and finance.

Over the years, we have helped strengthen the commercial offerings of Canon Canada, Grand & Toy, Telus Mobility, Kaboose, Fidelity Investments, Bell Canada, Fraser Yachts Worldwide, Inventiv Communications, Arctic Kingdom, ASL Print FX, LoveBank, Terre Neuve Gallery, Odyssey Time - Seiko Watch, AstraZeneca, Chapters, Dada S.p.A, Brembo S.p.A., Atlas-Apex, Geosoft, Koskie Minsky, Nature’s Emporium, Clearnail, PERI Canada, Cosmo Music, Gray Tools Canada, and Travel Industry Council of Ontario, among many others.

We frequently are requested to work in tandem with leading digital agencies as an outsourced partner.

Mike Lascut at Microsoft Campus Redmond
A goodbye gift from the Microsoft Site Server product unit to Mike Lascut when he left the Redmond campus to return to Canada - a promotional sample 10-license client access of the server, signed by the team.
Mike Lascut at Microsoft Campus Redmond
Mike Lascut in 1998 in a small testing lab in Redmond, Washington
Early internet access - Dada S.p.A
A gift from Dada S.p.A to Mike Lascut, during the development of the Brembo Brakes website in Italy. Mike led the Microforum development team together with the consultants from Dada S.p.A - the largest Internet access provider in Italy at that time. A floppy disk inside of a cardboard box - this is how Internet access was sold around 1995.

Mike Lascut, Principal

Mike's professional career spans over twenty years, including search engine marketing, enterprise-grade software development, and product photography.

Mike entered the world of search marketing in early 1996 authoring a suite of SEO automation applications and pitching search engine optimization to Canadian companies not ready yet to understand the value of search engines.

Since then, he has continued to architect, design and develop a variety of small to large CMS-driven and ecommerce-enabled websites for companies in Canada, the US and Europe.

Next to his interest in marketing and technology, Mike is also a commercial photographer running the MikePhoto.com photo studio. Mike's product and nature photographs have been licensed by a variety of companies and nature organizations, universities and schools in both Canada and United States and have been published in magazines, calendars, online, and even on nature trails. For the past 8 years, he has increasingly focused on commercial photography to complement catalogue-based websites, shooting on-site with clients or in his Oakville-based studio. Visit MikePhoto.com to learn more.

Driving the e-Commerce Breakthrough

Rewind to 2001 and you find Mike holding the position of Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Solutions in Microforum's Internet Solutions Group, completely immersed in e-commerce. At Microforum, Mike led the e-commerce team responsible for the development and implementation of Microforum's flagship e-commerce product - a ground-breaking innovation in Canada at the time. "Outstanding scalability" was Microsoft's conclusion about iFrontECS, after extensive testing in their labs in Redmond, Washington. During his tenure at Microforum, Mike's role grew with the company, from Solution Architect to Manager, e-Commerce Product Development to Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Solutions.

Microforum's close relationship with Microsoft created the opportunity for Mike to work in Microsoft's Commerce Server Product Unit in Redmond. A 1999 invitation from Microsoft found Mike packed and ready to experience life at the largest computer software maker in the world. In Microsoft, Mike was responsible for the development of the B2C components for the next generation of Microsoft Commerce Server.

In addition to his work in Microsoft, Mike led Microforum's largest e-commerce implementations: Chapters.ca (now Indigo.ca) and its variants, Sony's Mainlymusic.com, Dada S.p.A., Brembo S.p.A. in Italy and worked as technical architect, search engine consultant or senior developer on a multitude of other high-profile clients and projects such as Dumex, J.J. Barnicke, Ford Motor Company, Ford of Canada, shop.businessdepot.com, Petopia (now Petco.com), NBC's vvtv.com, WasteClick, Westsylvania, GoFood, MedicalAlert, Unicrypt, FordApparel.com, StorageTek, and GamesMania.com, among others. Mike also led the R&D efforts in the wireless space, successfully implementing large-scale e-commerce on mobile devices.

Mike is also the author of the sep.ME - Short URL Management for Business service. Launched over 10 years ago to the public, sep.ME provides not only the means to shorten long URLs into unique, personalized links for easy sharing - but also the tracking tools that help you better understand your marketing efforts. It's 100% FREE - try it at: http://sep.me or about it on this page.

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