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Short URL For Your Business

At Single Entry Point Marketing, we believe that your marketing data is your most important asset.

Short URLs

sep.ME provides not only the means to shorten long URLs into unique, personalized links for easy sharing - but also the tracking tools that help you better understand your marketing efforts.

The Competitive Advantage

How is sep.ME different from other short URL services? Data privacy, classification, segmentation capabilities, and comprehensive statistics are just some of the features that set us apart.

URL Classification

Short URL Classification

Categories enable you to organize your short URLs in meaningful groups. By using categories (such as blog or news headline), you gain the ability to measure performance on groups of short URLs. And you can compare categories currently in use, side by side.

Real-Time Analytics

Short URL Real-time Analytics

Click-through tracking - your most important measure of URL performance - as well as mobile and referrals metrics are all calculated and accessible in real time. Geolocation (country, province, city) metrics have a 3-hour or less delay.

Accurate Analytics

Report showing Desktop users vs. Mobile users vs. Bots

URL-level performance reports now show the click distribution between Desktops (users clicking on your short URLs from their desktop browsers), Mobile (users clicking on your short URL from their mobile phones), and Non-Human (software agents that are programmed to click on your short URLs).

Data Segmentation

Short URL Data Segmentation & Filtering

Segment and filter by category and time period - even by words contained in the original URL!

Keep Your Marketing Data Confidential

Short URL keeps your marketing data private

Privacy. Unlike other short URL services, your performance data will never be made public. Maintaining privacy of your marketing data is the reason we require you to login to create URLs or review statistics.

Use sep.ME short URLs in all your marketing promotions, both online and offline, and gain the unfair advantage.

Gain the unfair advantage™

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